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Bat Removal - Greater Birmingham, Alabama

The Bats of Alabama

Two bats peeking out from between the slats of a gable vent before they were removed and sealed out of the house.

A lot of people are afraid of bats. This is unfortunate.

The truth of the matter is that the bats of Alabama are overwhelmingly beneficial animals who are an important part of our natural environment, making bat removal an job that needs to be treated with respect and care. It's important to manage bats in such a way that keeps the bats out of our homes and buildings, but doesn't harm them in the process.

Let's take a few moments to talk about these these fascinating creatures.

First of all, bats are not rodents or birds. They're mammals of the taxonomic order Chiroptera. The Latin word roughly translates as "winged hand," which is a pretty good description of a bat's forelimbs. They have membranes between what would be the "fingers," which form wings when the bat stretches their "hands" out.

Unlike the "wings" of other mammals that can "fly" (such as flying squirrels), the wings of a bats allow them to take off and fly to higher altitudes, not just glide from high altitudes to lower ones. That makes bats the only mammals that can truly fly.

Why do Bats Fly, Anyway?

The reason why bats fly is also one of the reasons that they're so beneficial.

Bats go out every night and fly around looking for insects to eat, and they're particularly fond of mosquitoes. They eat hundreds or thousands of them every night, in fact, making electric bug zappers seem wimpy by comparison. Bats are like bug zappers on wings. Better yet, they don't burn electricity.

Bats are such good mosquito-eaters, in fact, that that some people even build houses for them to live in, just to keep the mosquito population down. The USDA even publishes plans for people who want to build their own bat houses, which you can download here.

Bat Removal and Exclusion in Alabama

Looking down from a man-lift at the ground during a bat removal job

Rid-A-Critter has the staff and equipment to handle any bat-removal job.

Of course, the main reason why people put up bat houses is because we'd rather they didn't live in our houses.

The fact is that although bats do us a big favor with their ravenous mosquito-eating, they sure do make a mess when they get inside homes, barns, commercial buildings, bell towers, and yes, belfries. They're not the neatest tenants you could ever hope to have.

Bat guano (poop) contains organisms that cause diseases like histoplasmosis, and many of their parasites like ticks, fleas, and bat bugs can also transmit diseases. In addition, bats can transmit rabies (although they seldom get close enough to us for that to happen). Finally, they just make a huge mess of things. We've had jobs where we had to remove whole truckloads of guano from the house after sealing the bats out.

What all this means, of course, is that as much as we may love our Alabama bats, we draw the line when they move into our houses. No worries, though: Rid-A-Critter has the personnel and resources to humanely handle any bat control job -- no matter how big or how small.

Our bat-removal and bat-proofing program is built around respect for the bats and an understanding of how important they are to our ecosystem. So we don't "exterminate" bats. We use various ways to get them out of buildings (such as one-way doors that let them out, but not back in), and then we seal every single crack, crevice, and hole in the building to keep them out.

Finally, we clean up after the bats, removing the guano, replacing the insulation if needed, and just generally tidying up. (Please note that guano removal and insulation replacement, if needed, are quoted separately from bat removal and exclusion.)

The bottom line is that when you choose Rid-A-Critter to help you with your bat problem, you're choosing a one-stop solution that's guaranteed to solve your bat problem.

Bat Control Gallery

Here are some pictures of bat control and bat-proofing jobs that we've done in Birmingham and throughout our Metro Birmingham, Alabama service area.

  • Pile of bat poop on top of the insulation in an attic at a Birmingham, AL bat control job
    Bat guano in an attic in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Construction gaps behind the rain gutter allowed bats to get into the house
    How bats got into a house in Birmingham
  • Man walking on the roof of a house while performing a Trussville Alabama bat removal and exclusion job.
    Working at a Trussville bat removal job
  • Ladder leaning against the soffit of a house in Birmingham Alabama during a bat exclusion job.
    Bat exclusion at a house in Birmingham
  • Men on the roof of a school sealing bats out of the school
    Back-To-School Bat-proofing job
  • A pickup truck followed by a trailer behind which are several huge bags of insulation removed from the attic of a house in Birmingham Alabama because it was full of bat guano.
    Bat guano removal at a house in Birmingham
  • A tubular plastic bat trap hanging from the peak of the roof of a house in Hoover Alabama that will prevent bats from getting back into the attic when they return from feeding.
    Bat trap on the peak of a house in Hoover
  • Bats on a screen trying to get back into a home in Midfield, Alabama after being sealed out
    bat-proofing job in Midfield, Alabama
  • Bats on a screen on an attic vent at a bat removal job in Leeds, Alabama
    Bats hanging out in an attic vent in Leeds
  • Bats on an attic window vent found at a Pell City, Alabama bat removal job
    Bats in an attic in Pell City, Alabama
  • A small pile of guano in the insulation between the joists is evidence of a colony of bats the need to be removed from the attic of a house in Tuscaloosa Alabama.
    Bat guano in the attic of a Tuscaloosa home
  • A trapezoidal gap of about two inches by four inches in the trim above a cantilevered bay window on the second floor of an Helena Alabama home allowed bats to get into the attic.
    Bat gap in the window frame at a house in Helena
  • Large pile of bat guano in the insulation in the attic of a house in Birmingham Alabama
    Bat guano in an attic in Birmingham
  • A chipped corner of a brick created a thumb sized triangular hole that bats used to get into the attic of a house in Trussville Alabama.
    Bat gap into a house in Trussville
  • Male bat removal specialist standing at the top of a ladder installing a screen over a gable vent to keep bats out of the attic of a house in Tuscaloosa Alabama.
    Bat-proofing a gable vent in Tuscaloosa
  • Bats on the exterior of a house under a one-way trap after being sealed out
    Homeless bats after being sealed out of a house
  • A pile of bat guano about two feet wide and an inch or two high in the insulation between the joists in the unfinished attic of a house in Tuscaloosa Alabama.
    Bat guano in the attic of a Tuscaloosa home
  • Man on a ladder sealing bats out of a commercial building in Anniston Alabama
    Bat removal at a commercial building in Anniston
  • Man on the metal roof of a house in Helena Alabama sealing gaps in the roof to keep bats out of the attic.
    Bat-proofing a metal roof in Helena
  • Lifted shingle reveals a half inch gap between the roof sheathing and fascia that allowed bats into the attic of a house in Birmingham Alabama
    How bats got into an attic in Birmingham
  • Lifting a shingle at a roof junction reveals that there is no sheathing under it which made it easy for a colony of bats to get into the attic of a house in Leeds Alabama.
    Why this house in Leeds needs bat removal
  • A hole in a roof formed by the shingles rising up from the roof structure
    Entry hole found at Hueytown bat-proofing job
  • Man on a ladder inspecting the edge of a roof as part of a bat removal job at a house in Warrior Alabama.
    Bat removal job at a house in Warrior
  • Bat guano in the insulation between the joists in the attic will require that the insulation be removed and replaced as part of a Homewood Alabama bat removal job.
    Bat guano in the attic of a house in Homewood

Please call us today for an on-site inspection by a local bat removal expert.


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by Chris Collender
Nov 22, 2022 08:21:48 am.

This morning we have a crew doing attic bat removal and exclusion in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Bats are more active in the summer, but we do some bat-proofing work all year.
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Rainy day, started off in Cleveland ga, bats in the ridge vents, then headed down to Atlanta ga, rats in the basement, then off to Douglasville ga, squirrels chewing holes threw customers shingles
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This morning our animal-proofing experts are installing a metal screen over a triangular gable vent as part of a Trussville, Alabama bat removal and wildlife exclusion job. The nice thing about bat-proofing a house is that it also keeps other nuisance wildlife out of the attic.
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Busy day yesterday, started off in Hoschton ga, rats, then out to a rental property in Atlanta, rats, then to Jonesboro ga, rats, then up to Athens ga, squirrels, good times.
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Was out in ellijay ga today, rats in crawl space, then headed to Hiawasse ga, flyers in attic, in Athens ga now, raccoons in a house
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Today we're removing the guano from the attic at a bat-removal job in Birmingham, Alabama. We vacuum the guano and the contaminated insulation into huge filter bags to cart it away, and then we replace the attic insulation.
by Webmaster
Nov 08, 2022 10:13:19 am.

This morning we'll be finishing up a Birmingham, Alabama bat-exclusion job. The bats have already been removed from and sealed out of the attic. What's left is cleaning up and carting away the guano and replacing the contaminated insulation.
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Nov 03, 2022 09:32:16 am.

One of our crews is in the attic finishing up a bat removal job in Helena, Alabama. The bats are gone and have been sealed out of the house. Now they're cleaning up the guano and replacing the insulation.
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Nov 03, 2022 09:27:15 am.

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All the bats have been removed and sealed out of the attic of a house in Trussville, Alabama. Our bat-removal crew is now removing and carting away the guano and replacing the contaminated attic insulation.
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Oct 25, 2022 11:04:19 am.

Back at in, was in McDonough ga for squirrels and presences of bats, off the Athens ga for squirrels in a metal roof, over to Gainesville ga, previous customer, we sealed his other house, has flyers in his new house, now headed to Atlanta
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This morning we're starting a Birmingham, Alabama bat-removal and animal-proofing job. Because bats are smaller than most nuisance wildlife, sealing bats out of the attic also keeps other critters out.
by Webmaster
Oct 03, 2022 10:27:16 am.

A handyman tried to use insulating foam to seal a two-inch gap between the roof sheathing and fascia and keep squirrels out of the attic of a Birmingham, Alabama home. It didn't work, of course. It never does. We have a crew of squirrel-removal professionals properly animal-proofing the house, as well as trapping and relocating the existing squirrels.
by Webmaster
Sep 28, 2022 10:16:59 am.

I was in Big Canoe this morning, rats in the crawl space, then out to Douglasville for flyers in the attic, headed to Forest park for rats in a rental property
by Chris Collender
Sep 27, 2022 11:02:03 am.

Was in hiawassee for Bats, then Suches for rats, Suwannee for squirrels, and then Atlanta for rats again
by Chris Collender
Sep 22, 2022 12:56:25 pm.

Was in winterville this morning for mice, then to blairsvile for flyers, then Cummings ga for rats. Headed to Marietta for some bats, busy day
by Chris Collender
Sep 20, 2022 01:41:02 pm.

Atlanta job this morning, flyers in the attic, then headed to Decatur, rats in the crawl space
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Bats have been pretty busy this week, Atlanta to dunwoody, over to sandy springs, did a quote this morning for snakes in commerce ga, good times
by Chris Collender
Sep 15, 2022 10:09:54 am.

The end of the vinyl soffit panel is hanging down about an inch from the soffit, which is allowing bats into the attic of a Birmingham home. Bat-proofing this house will require reattaching the soffit panel and sealing any other gaps in the roof that we find. We'll also clean up the guano and replace the insulation once the bats are removed from the attic.
by Webmaster
Sep 02, 2022 08:43:26 am.

A Crew from our Birmingham Office is Performing Guano Removal and Disposal at a Trussville, Alabama Bat-Removal Job
by Webmaster
Sep 01, 2022 09:53:50 am.

The pile of bat guano on the driveway was evidence of bats getting into the garage of a house in Vestavia Hills, Alabama through the gable vent directly above. A wildlife-management crew from our Birmingham office is on the scene bat-proofing the house and garage before the bats get into the living area of the home.
by Webmaster
Aug 31, 2022 09:40:46 am.

A gap in the wooden siding where it meets (or more accurately, should have met) at the corner right under the soffit allowed bats into a house in Leeds, Alabama. A bat removal and exclusion crew from our Birmingham office is sealing all the gaps in the house to make it bat-proof.
by Webmaster
Aug 30, 2022 09:24:15 am.

A sloppy cut in the soffit panel at a miter joint created an irregular gap that allowed bats into the attic of an Helena, Alabama home. Bats are small animals that can get through small gaps, making bat exclusion very detailed and precise work.
by Webmaster
Aug 24, 2022 09:24:25 am.

The painter noticed bat guano on the rain gutter cover and informed the homeowner that there were bats that needed to be removed from the attic of their Leeds, Alabama home. A bat removal and exclusion crew from our Birmingham office will animal-proof the house to keep bats and other wildlife and pests out of the attic.
by Webmaster
Aug 23, 2022 08:19:48 am.

The Birmingham, Alabama office of Rid-A-Critter provides humane bat removal and control in Birmingham, Alabama and the the entire Metro Birmingham area including Anniston, Bessemer, Brighton, Chelsea, Fairfield, Heflin, Homewood, Hoover, Hueytown, Irondale, Jasper, Leeds, Midfield, Moody, Mountain Brook, Oxford, Pell City, Trussville, Tuscaloosa, Valdosta, Vestavia, Warrior, and their surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured.

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