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Flying Squirrel Control - Greater Birmingham, Alabama

A flying squirrel in a cage with limbs spread

Flying squirrels have membranes between their legs and bodies that form "wings," enabling them to glide through the air.

Flying squirrels are small, furry squirrels with membranous "wings" between their legs and bodies, which enable them to glide through the air. The technical name for their "wing" is the patagium, and by controlling its tautness, they're able to steer. They control their descent and landing using their tails in a similar way to how the elevator of an airplane works.

These abilities give flying squirrels considerable control over their flight and the ability to land with impressive accuracy, which is why they're called flying squirrels. The one thing they can't do, however, is increase their altitude, including taking off from the ground. They can only glide from a higher area to a lower one.

Nonetheless, even being able to glide is enough to make flying squirrels quite a nuisance. They can get into any place a gray squirrel can, plus quite a few places where they can't. Unlike gray squirrels, flying squirrels leap from nearby trees and gently glide to your home, so simply trimming the tree branches back so they don't overhang your home isn't enough to keep these critters out.

Once they get into your home, they create the same sort of problems that gray squirrels do, including:

Flying Squirrel Biology and Behavior

A Southern flying squirrel on the limb of a tree

A Southern flying squirrel (Glaucomy volans) on the limb of a tree.

The most common of the flying squirrel species we get in Alabama is known as the Southern flying squirrel (Glaucomy volans). Occasionally we also get the Northern flying squirrel (Glaucomy sabrinus), which is a bit larger, as well. Both species have similar biology and habits.

Flying squirrels are the smallest of all members of the squirrel family, and they are the only nocturnal tree squirrels. The are usually grayish in color, but there's quite a bit of variation possible, ranging from tan, to reddish-brown, to almost black. They prefer living in established forests with dense tree cover, although they have adapted to living in human-occupied buildings.

Most flying squirrel young are born in the spring or summer, and although they are weaned at about eight weeks, most flying squirrels stay with their mothers until her next litter is born.

Flying squirrels are omnivorous, but most of their diet is plant based. They eat fruits, nuts, mushrooms, lichens, and tree sap; but they've also been known to feast on small mice, birds' eggs and nestlings, slugs, snails, carrion, insects, and other animal foods. One way to tell if a flying squirrel has been eating a nut is that rather than crushing the whole nut, they make a hole in one end and eat the insides out through the hole.

Transmission of disease directly from flying squirrels to humans is rare. However, they do have fleas, ticks, and other parasites that can be involved in disease transmission, and their droppings can serve as breeding media for a variety of insects and fungi.

Flying Squirrel Control

Two baby flying squirrels in a technician's hand

Two juvenile flying squirrels found by one of our technicians

Flying squirrels are not considered "pests," and therefore there is no such thing as a "flying squirrel exterminator." They're nuisance wildlife, and they must be humanely trapped and removed. Exterminators who leave poison bait for flying squirrels are breaking both state of Alabama and federal laws. They're also setting their customers up for serious problems with odors and insects if the animals die inside the home, especially inside a wall or ceiling void where their carcasses are difficult to find and retrieve.

At Rid-A-Critter, we have performed thousands of flying squirrel removal jobs, and we do them the right way. We humanely trap and relocate the animals, preserving family groups whenever possible. In the case of orphaned or injured animals, all of our technicians have a list of certified wildlife rehabilitators whom we work with and who will accept our animals.

After the flying squirrels are trapped, we also seal up your home so that "new" flying squirrels can't get into the attic. This exclusion work will also animal-proof your home to keep other nuisance animals out of your house.

Like all animal control work, flying squirrel control and exclusion is potentially hazardous work that requires special training, equipment, and safety precautions. This is not a do-it-yourself kind of job. Save yourself the trouble and call us instead.

Flying Squirrel Control Gallery

Here are some pictures of flying squirrel-removal and squirrel-proofing jobs we've done in Birmingham and throughout the Metro area.

  • Flying squirrel droppings in the attic of a house in Birmingham, AL

    Flying squirrel droppings in a Birmingham attic

  • Flying squirrel urine and feces on the lower sill of the lower left portion of an octagonal gable vent in the attic of a house in Hoover Alabama

    Flying squirrel mess in an attic in Hoover

  • Flying squirrels droppings in an attic in Vestavia, Alabama

    Flying squirrel droppings in an attic in Vestavia

  • Flying squirrels gnawed through the shingles and sheathing to get into a house in Hoover Alabama

    Flying squirrel damage to a house in Hoover

  • A flying squirrel hole in the exterior wall of a home in Pell City, AL

    Flying squirrel hole in a Pell City house

  • Man standing on a gently sloped roof peering into the junction of a dormer to find out how flying squirrels were getting into the attic

    Inspecting a Birmingham home for flying squirrels

  • Flying squirrel entry hole in a soffit screen in Hoover, Alabama

    Flying squirrel hole in a soffit screen in Hoover

  • Triangular gap between the shingles and the timbers in the roof of an Anniston Alabama home allowed flying squirrels into the attic

    Flying squirrel entry gap into an Anniston home

  • Man on a roof sealing flying squirrels out of the attic of a house in Birmingham Alabama

    Flying squirrel removal job in Birmingham

  • Ridge vent on the roof of a house through which flying squirrels got into the attic

    Flying squirrels got in through the ridge vent

  • A construction gap in a roof that flying squirrels used by flying squirrels

    Flying squirrel entry point in Mountain Brook

  • Hole in the soffit that flying squirrels used to get into a house in Valdosta Alabama

    Flying squirrel entry point in Valdosta

  • A soffit vent that allowed flying squirrels to get into a house in Birmingham, Alabama

    Flying squirrel entry through vent in Birmingham

  • View along a roof at a hole through which flying squirrels were getting into a house

    Flying squirrel entry hole in a house in Oxford

  • Flying squirrels gnawed a hole about four inches high by two inches wide and exposed the inner insulation in the insulated wallboard in the attic of a house in Hoover Alabama

    Flying squirrel damage in an attic in Hoover

  • Flying squirrel looking directly at the technician's camera in an attic

    A flying squirrel caught in an attic by our tech

  • Flying Squirel

    Flying Squirrel

  • Snake skin hanging from a gap between the stones that flying squirrels used to get into a house in Birmingham Alabama

    Flying squirrel gap into a house in Birmingham

  • Flying squirrel gnawed a hole through the roof sheathing

    Flying squirrel damage to a house in Birmingham

  • Flying squirrels chewed an irregular hole through the metal covered insulated wallboard to build a nest in the attic of a house in Hoover Alabama

    Flying squirrel damage in an attic in Hoover

  • Homeowner tried to seal flying squirrels out with sheet metal, but the flying squirrels just gnawed a new hole next to the metal patch

    DIY flying squirrel control fail

  • Flying squirrel hiding under a sweater that it chewed up in an attic

    Flying squirrel trying to hide from our tech

  • One piece of trim at the peak of the roof is sticking out from the bricks and allowed flying squirrels into the attic of a Hoover Alabama home.

    Flying squirrel gap into an attic in Hoover

  • Gap between roof and sheathing allowed flying squirrels into a house in Homewood

    Flying squirrel entry gap found in Homewood

If you need help keeping flying squirrels out of your home's attic, please call us today for an on-site inspection and consultation.


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The Birmingham, Alabama office of Rid-A-Critter provides flying squirrel removal and exclusion in Birmingham, Alabama and the the entire Metro Birmingham area including Anniston, Bessemer, Brighton, Chelsea, Fairfield, Heflin, Homewood, Hoover, Hueytown, Irondale, Jasper, Leeds, Midfield, Moody, Mountain Brook, Oxford, Pell City, Trussville, Valdosta, Vestavia, Warrior, and their surrounding areas.

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