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Raccoon Removal in the Birmingham, Alabama Area

Young raccoon in a cage trap looking toward the camera at the animal removal technician who trapped and removed the raccoon from a house.

Raccoons are medium-sized, stocky animals that are easily recognized by their "masked" appearance. They're primarily nocturnal; in fact, if you see adult raccoons during the daytime, there's a chance that they're sick.

A lot of folks believe that raccoons are rodents, but they're not. They're actually more closely related to pandas than to rodents. They also score very highly on scales of animal intelligence, and are able to figure out things like how to open gate latches or how to open the lids of "animal-resistant" garbage cans.

They also have occasionally been observed making use of rudimentary tools, such as using a stick to open a latch.

Raccoons also have excellent dexterity in their front paws. Although not fully opposable, their thumbs are dexterous enough to allow them to manipulate prey and objects, as well as to get into places where they're not exactly welcomed with open arms.

They also have nerve endings in their hands that become more sensitive when they are wet, which is why raccoons "wash" their food before eating it. When their hands are wet, they can more easily detect whether the food is fresh and edible.

Raccoon Behavior

Three raccoons in a tree

In nature, raccoons often live aloft, in high branches or hollow trees.

Raccoons are incredibly resourceful animals who are able to learn and remember the solutions to problems, making them a real challenge to control.

In nature, they prefer living in hollow trees (usually in the upper part of the tree); but when hollow trees are hard to find, they'll often take up residence in caves, burrows abandoned by other animals, and of course, human-occupied buildings. When they decide to move into a human home, raccoons may choose to live in the attic, the chimney, the crawl space, the roof soffits, or pretty much anywhere where there is sufficient space and they don't think they'll be disturbed.

In terns of diet, the raccoon is one of the most omnivorous of all animals. There are few things that they won't eat. In nature, they prefer invertebrates such as insects and earthworms, small vertebrates such as frogs and fish, and plant foods such as fruits, nuts, and berries.

As their natural habitat continues to shrink, however, raccoons have easily adapted to living among humans and eating our leftovers, frequently raiding our garbage cans and dumpsters.

Raccoons and Health

When raccoons get into homes, they create a health hazard. Like most other wild animals, raccoon droppings can harbor an assortment of insect pests, along with disease-causing fungi. Their parasites (fleas, lice, ticks, and mites) are also capable of transmitting diseases.

Raccoons also have fairly high incidences of rabies and distemper, and should be avoided when encountered in the wild. You should especially avoid raccoons that seem sluggish, unsteady, or "friendly." Any of these symptoms might mean the animal is infected with rabies.

Wild raccoons may also attack humans if they're cornered or surprised. Although raccoons will run away from humans most of the time, if they are trapped, cornered, surprised, or defending their young, they may attack -- and they are strong enough and fast enough to put a serious hurting on a human.

Raccoon Removal and Control

Poorly-done DIY raccoon exclusion in Birmingham using window screen

This D-I-Y raccoon control job in Birmingham didn't work out too well...

Raccoon control consists of trapping the raccoons, and then raccoon-proofing the home so they can't get back in. In addition, it's helpful to practice good sanitation practices (especially choosing high-quality garbage cans with lockable lids) to make your home less attractive to them.

Because raccoons are highly intelligent, very strong, very dexterous, and very adaptable, raccoon-proofing a home can be a real challenge, even for skilled animal control operators. Raccoons can figure out how to get around any but the most well-done exclusion techniques. You really need to go over an entire house with a fine-toothed comb to keep raccoons out -- which is exactly what we do, of course.

The point is that raccoon control is not a do-it-yourself job. They are strong animals with the potential to hurt you, they have a high rate of infection with several serious diseases, and they are comfortable at heights that make most humans dizzy. So please, don't even think about trying DIY raccoon control. Seriously. Your chances of success are very low. Your chances of hurting yourself, however, are very high.

Call us instead. We've done thousands of raccoon removal and exclusion jobs, and we have the equipment and personnel necessary to do it right, and to do it safely.

Raccoon Control Gallery

Here are some pictures of raccoon-removal and exclusion work that we've done in Birmingham and throughout the area.

  • Raccoons tore a hole a little bigger than a football through the plywood soffit panel where it meets the shingles at a roof junction on a house in Trussville Alabama.
    Raccoon damage to a house in Trussville
  • Live young raccoon in a cage trap on the tailgate of a pickup truck awaiting relocation after being removed from the attic of a house in Hoover Alabama.
    Raccoon removed from the attic of a Hoover home
  • Damage to sheetrock and insulation found at Oxford, Alabama raccoon removal job
    Raccoon damage in the attic of an Oxford home
  • Raccoons tore most of the wooden fascia clear off the roof to get into the soffit of a house in Leeds Alabama.
    Raccoons pulled the fascia off a house in Leeds
  • Live raccoon in a cage type trap on the fender of a utility trailer awaiting relocation after being removed from a house in Tuscaloosa Alabama.
    Raccoon removed from a house in Tuscaloosa
  • Raccoon hole in the edge of a roof at a Birmingham raccoon removal job
    Raccoon damage to a roof in Birmingham
  • Raccoons tore a hole about the size of a football through the plywood soffit panel to get into the attic of a house in Leeds Alabama.
    Raccoon damage to a soffit panel in Leeds
  • Raccoons tore a section of wood siding right off the tall box shaped chimney enclosure of a house in Leeds Alabama.
    Raccoon damage to the siding of a house in Leeds
  • A man installing a new crawl space door at an Anniston, Alabama raccoon damage repair job
    Raccoon damage repair job in Anniston
  • The soffit is sagging an inch or two under the weight of raccoons that needs to be removed from the attic of a house in Trussville Alabama.
    Raccoon damage to a soffit in Trussville
  • Smiling wildlife removal technician with a young raccoon in a cage trap after being removed from the attic of a Birmingham Alabama home.
    Young raccoon removed from a Birmingham home
  • Raccoon clawing damage about the size of a football in the insulation on a heating duct in the attic of a house in Birmingham Alabama.
    Raccoon damage to a heating duct in Birmingham
  • Raccoon poop in the attic insulation between the joists found during a Tuscaloosa Alabama raccoon removal job.
    Raccoon scat in an attic in Tuscaloosa
  • Raccoon damage to duct insulation found at a Birmingham raccoon removal job
    Raccoon damage to insulation in Birmingham
  • Lifting the shingle and flashing exposes a hole that raccoons gnawed through the wooden roof sheathing to get into the attic of a house in Leeds Alabama.
    Raccoon damage to the roof of a house in Leeds
  • Raccoons tore the metal vent right out of the plywood soffit panel to get into the attic of a house in Hoover Alabama.
    Squirrel damage to a soffit vent in Hoover
  • Raccoons tore the siding right off the chimney enclosure and exposed a square gap about two feet wide and tall to get into a house in Trussville Alabama.
    Raccoon damage to the siding in Trussville
  • The soffit is completely missing from the soffit panel and allowed raccoons into the attic of a house in Vestavia Hills Alabama.
    Raccoon gap in a soffit in Vestavia Hills
  • Raccoon scat in the insulation between the joists in the unfinished attic of a house in Tuscaloosa Alabama.
    Raccoon scat in the attic in Tuscaloosa
  • A young raccoon looking relaxed lying down in a cage type trap after being removed from the attic of a house in Leeds Alabama.
    Raccoon removed from the attic of a house in Leeds
  • Young raccoon in a cage trap in a vehicle after being removed from a home in Heflin, AL
    Young raccoon removed from a home in Heflin
  • Big raccoon hole in a roof soffit of a house in Midfield, Alabama
    Raccoon hole in roof soffit of a Midfield home
  • Raccoons damaged the soffit panel of a house in Helena Alabama by walking on top of it.
    Raccoon damage to the soffit of a house in Helena
  • Big raccoon hole in a roof of a house in Brighton, Alabama
    Raccoon damage to a roof in Brighton, Alabama

For more information about flying raccoon-removal or any of our quality services, please call us today.


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Raccoons made a hole about the size of a football through the wooden roof trim to get into the attic of a house in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A wildlife damage repair crew working out of our Birmingham office is trapping and removing the raccoons, repairing the damage that they did, cleaning up the mess that they made, and animal-proofing the house.
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A wildlife-management team from our Birmingham office is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama doing raccoon removal and damage repair. The raccoons tore a hole through the edge of the roof sheathing right behind the fascia to get into the attic of the house.
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A handyman tried to use insulating foam to seal a two-inch gap between the roof sheathing and fascia and keep squirrels out of the attic of a Birmingham, Alabama home. It didn't work, of course. It never does. We have a crew of squirrel-removal professionals properly animal-proofing the house, as well as trapping and relocating the existing squirrels.
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Raccoons tore about two feet of the soffit panel out of the soffit to get into the attic of a house in Birmingham. This is the time of year when young male raccoons are looking to set up their first homes away from home. Our wildlife control specialists are removing the raccoons from the attic and repairing the damage.
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Was in Duluth this morning for bats, then off to watkinsville and Royston for u know, bats, now to Covington for rats
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Here's a Picture of a Young Raccoon Removed from the Attic of a House in Leeds, Alabama
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Yesterday, I was In peachtree city and then ellenwoood, for bats, then I drove lakemont and Cummings, snakes in the house.
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Raccoons made quite a mess in the attic of a house in Birmingham, Alabama. Our wildlife-removal experts have trapped and removed the raccoons; and now they're cleaning up the mess, repairing the damage, and replacing the attic insulation.
by Webmaster
Aug 15, 2022 11:32:32 am.

Wildlife damage repair specialists from our Birmingham office are fixing the damage that raccoons did to the roof of a house in Leeds, Alabama. The raccoons have already been caught and removed from the attic. Now we're animal-proofing the roof to prevent future animal problems.
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We're heading out to trap and remove raccoons from the attic of a house in Birmingham, Alabama. The rats have already done a lot of damage to the roof and inside the attic, which our wildlife damage repair specialists will repair in order to animal-proof the house and prevent future critter problems.
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In Bishop ga, rats in a older home, next stop Athens ga, bats in the gables/ridge vents
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The Birmingham, Alabama office of Rid-A-Critter provides raccoon removal and damage repair in Birmingham, Alabama and the the entire Metro Birmingham area including Anniston, Bessemer, Brighton, Chelsea, Fairfield, Heflin, Homewood, Hoover, Hueytown, Irondale, Jasper, Leeds, Midfield, Moody, Mountain Brook, Oxford, Pell City, Trussville, Tuscaloosa, Valdosta, Vestavia, Warrior, and their surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured.

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